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TableTable Comments
ROCKEVAL  This table contains data obtained through rockeval pyrolysis of rock cuttings from Scotian Shelf and Grand Banks wells. 

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TableColumnColumn Comments
ROCKEVAL  LOC_NO  Locality Number. A three digit well identifier number, preceded by a "D". Unique to each well. 
ROCKEVAL  DEPTH_M  Depth in Metres. 
ROCKEVAL  ORG_CARBON  Total organic carbon in percent by weight. 
ROCKEVAL  PROD_INDEX  Productivity Index: S_1/S_1 + S_2. 
ROCKEVAL  T_MAX  Maximum Temperature, in degrees C. 
ROCKEVAL  S_1  S1 - Free hydrocarbon, (mg. HC/g of rock). 
ROCKEVAL  S_2  S2 - Pyrolysis hydrocarbon (mg. HC/g of rock). 
ROCKEVAL  S_3  S3 - Carbon dioxide produced from kerogen pyrolysis (mg. CO2/g of rock). 
ROCKEVAL  HYD_INDEX  Hydrogen Index: mg. residual HC/g organic carbon = 100(S_2/org_carbon). 
ROCKEVAL  OX_INDEX  Oxygen Index: mg. CO2/g organic carbon = 100(S_3/org_carbon). 
ROCKEVAL  AUTHOR_YR  Author and year of Source Report. Values: "ISPG" = GSC Calgary, "MUKHOPADHYAY" = P.K. Mukhopadhyay, "MUKHOPADHYAY/BI" = P.K Mukhopadhyay & D. Birk, "GEOCHEM LABS LTD". 
ROCKEVAL  REFERENCE  Source of Data. Values: "GSC OPEN FILE REPORTS", "T. REHILL PHD THESIS 1996", "(GEOTECH)" = GeoTech Surveys Limited. Note that the "(GEOTECH)" reference denotes values which were modified (error correction, rounding, etc.) by a data compilation contractor (GeoTech Surveys Limited). 
ROCKEVAL  UNITS  Units of depth measure, value: M. 
ROCKEVAL  COMMENTS  Comments pertaining to the sample. 
ROCKEVAL  CITEID  Bibliographic reference number. 

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